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Rebuild Yourself

We design effective rehab programsto get you out of pain fast!

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"I bought the excellent course "Rebuild Your Low Back: Anterior Pelvic Tilt" in September 2022 and it was great, I went through the whole course and was happy with the result. I have now decided to go through it again!"


"My shoulder, which has been sore since September, is FINALLY starting to not hurt.

This program has helped more in 3 weeks than 3 months of physio did."


"I’ve used your exercises from Instagram and they have helped which is why I purchased this program."

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What is The Anatomy of Therapy?



While TAOT does offer specific injury rehab programs for a cost, we also believing in giving away as much as we can.

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Rehab Programs, a Podcast & Books

TAOT Podcast was born from many previous hours of real conversations. Conversations about helping our clients, fixing ourselves, our struggles and successes. We decided to record them, hoping to help as many people as we can.

We also published a book about fixing the most common issues to live pain free!


Stretch Club

Stretch Club is clinical mobility made easy. Dr. John Cybulski will guide you step-by-step through a 20-minute mobility routine for your joints and muscles. No equipment is needed. All levels are welcome. New routines every Monday. Available anytime. Anywhere. Over 10 weeks of content. Now Over 600 members in tier 1! Tier 1 pricing closes once we have 1000 members after which the price will increase. Don’t wait!

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