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What is vertebrogenic low back pain and how to find relief

Just beginning to know what is going on begins to give relief. Today, we'll uncover how low back pain coming from a very specific part of the spine hurts you. If we can grasp how the problem is happening perhaps we can correct and even reverse these harmful effects.

Disc and endplate back pain
Vertrebrogenic Low Back Pain

Vertebrogenic back pain is a unique type of chronic low back pain caused by damage to the vertebral endplates which are the interface between the disc and the vertebral body. It's the anterior/outside part of the disc which is between two spinal segments that is most exposed and often becomes damaged by accumulative everyday movements.

This accumulative stress of everyday movements produces stress on the anterior endplates which irritates, strains then leads to damaging the structural integrity of the disc and so pain is asked to help indicate risk in the area. Without proper imaging you cannot confirm vertebrogenic low back pain, but common indicators are:

Pain in the middle of the back that is

  1. Worsened by physical activity

  2. Prolonged sitting

  3. Bending forward

  4. Bending and lifting

These everyday movements place excess strain on the anterior portion of the disc. The more strained, the more damaged the anterior discs become.

Common treatments for vertebrogenic low back pain

Depending on the severity of your pain your doctor may advise you to have imaging to see the extent of the damage. This is more likely the older you become. If you are younger and are able to manage your pain then the doctor may recommend you try physical therapy.

This is why we created our Foundations: Anterior Pelvic Tilt program. The program is built to help you manage the strain on the back that an anterior pelvic tilt can cause. This anterior tilt adds to the anterior strain of the discs. So if we can manage your pelvic tilt we can manage the spine.

Imagine feeling great again

The program is also built to create lasting results. The cumulative effect of everyday movements can be reversed by the cumulative effects of the exercises within the program. I have been helping people for the past decade with the exercises in this program and I think it's a great investment of your time and effort. Your body will thank you. Buy here, start today!

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