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Product Review: Just Spine "orthopedic" Back Stretcher

A patient asked me today if this was a gimmick or good? Are you going to waste your time and money if you buy this? Depends upon a few things. Here is the link to the product: Back Stretcher so you can investigate yourself.

It's good if it helps, and there are a lot of review that says it has helped people. So, perhaps the question becomes:

  1. If this does work, what is it doing?

  2. If it does give you relief, how does that happen?

  3. What if you don't get relief? Next steps.

What is it actually doing?

It's making your back arch. If you slump forward all day ("bad posture") then arching backwards will "fix" your posture. If there is a problem bending one way then bending the opposite way is a good thing, right? Yes, changing the position of your spine to a new or unfamiliar position can cause you to make adaptations.

The more sedentary of a lifestyle you have the more success you're likely to find with the back stretcher, but results will be slower if you are more active.

If it does give you relief, how does that happen?

One of the secrets of the back stretcher is that it has 4 levels. Meaning, it can ease you into making changes and once you begin to notice these changes you are ready to move to the next level. Making slow but progressive changes is the natural way things usually work. It takes time and patience, but change is inevitable.

Professionals call it "progressive overload". Doctors and bodybuilders use this concept to make change. The Back Stretcher is using this for the spine. Given enough time your body is bound to make adaptations and this is an excellent passive first step if you have back pain.

But, it does have its limitations. I am not saying it can fix everything. At the end I'll show you other options for your back pain.

What if you don't get pain relief from the back stretcher?

While many people will find relief with the back stretcher it's not for everyone. Luckily it's a pretty affordable attempt so if it doesn't work it's not like it was a huge investment. But we are still left with the low back pain, what's next?!

If you tried the back stretcher and didn't find that it gave you relief all that it means is that your problem is not an arching problem. That passive relaxation is not what you need.

  1. You may need more specific stretching, you may need global stretching

  2. You may need global strengthening, you may also need specific strengthening.

There are still a lot of options you have before having surgery, but the question is where do you go next? (Full Guide here)


This is where I can help you. After treating patients for the last 12 years you begin to notice patterns. Certain things that help a wide variety of people. Certain people will need specific directions and interventions, but many people can benefit from a few will thought out exercises.

Busy? Work from home? Don't have the time to go to see a PT? I have organized a guide to help you rebuild your back from the comfort of your own home. If you think the back stretcher can help you then you'll be amazed at the results after you complete our Foundations: Anterior Pelvic Tilt Program. It is a progressive program so ANYONE can start and everyone can progress with a minimal amount of consistency.

or check out our SHOP for other programs to help rebuild your body

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