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How to relieve sciatica pain at home

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Is Sciatica curable?

What causes Sciatica?

Treatment for sciatica pain in the hip and leg

How to relieve sciatica pain at home SCIATICA

Sciatica is the process of increasing irritation to the group of nerves commonly know as the Sciatic or Ischiadic Nerve. This process often grabs in the low back early but can quickly shift below the hip and even slip down the into the lower leg. The progress down the leg is a clear sign of the increasing sensitivity upon the sciatic nerve and its various branches.


Some people can pin their sciatica to one specific moment, but for many it is unclear how they ended up here feeling this way. A common strategy to deal with sciatica is to avoid any of the triggers that provoke this irritation in order to allow the body to heal. This is often successful, but some people notice their symptoms can return. This recurring often happens in increasingly shorter time spans until it can become more constant. In later stages the irritation threshold is reached very quickly whereas earlier sciatica sufferers may have a longer window before the clock runs out.

What causes sciatica?

Sciatica is the effect of something progressively irritating the sciatic nerve. That something is often a disc, and how did THAT happen? Some say that progressive weakening of the natural postural stabilizer muscles and reliance of positional maintenance on structural end ranges can lead to those structures (the discs) wearing into and irritating the nerves. But many people and researchers argue that posture has nothing to do with this wear and tear postural theory.

Others would have you imagine that one tire on your car was a little bigger and had a little more power than the left side and that this hardly noticeable imbalance could lead to a seismic shift in how your nervous and muscular system sequences it's movements. This "mis-firing" from your poor alignment adds undo torque and shear forces that predictably and progressively irritate the sciatic nerve. These movement patterns can be isolated in various active and passive tests and a series of sequentially progressive exercises can be given to correct your movement dysfunctions. Many struggle to grasp such lofty clinical schemes and have forgotten that the best exercises are simply the ones you do.

Treatment for sciatica pain in the hip and leg


There are a lot of great ideas out there that can help you with your pain (and we can get to the specifics shortly), but everyone struggles with one of these 3 big issues: Starting, Stopping or Maintaining. We have to make sure we have picked all the low hanging fruit before we go and try to over complicate things. We all know we need to consider our diet, our sleep, or exercise routine, our water consumption, and other stressors in our life before seeking some fancy cure all. I truly believe if most of my patients could focus on getting a good nights sleep 50% of their problems would vanish. You know what you need to do. Start something. Stop something. Maintain that thing.

Is sciatica curable?

I discovered that patients that made the fastest progress flipped from the being effected by sciatica to becoming the cause of their progress. Your body is constantly reorganizing. They say the lining in your stomach changes every 5 days. Your liver recycles every 6 weeks. Your skin, your hair, you are constantly changing little by little whether you know it or not. So the question becomes will you direct the flow of changes or let the changes direct you?

If your body is constantly reorganizing how are you going to organize it moving forward? I designed a program to help you easily learn how to shift your hips. The main goal is to teach you how to shift yourself. It's not one specific position I want to show you, rather it's to teach you the ability to shift in and out of simple positions. I've noticed that learning to control the shifting of your hips makes pervasive changes in the body in a very short period of time. You've got to not only stop irritating the nerve but you need to make some positive changes in your low back and hips.

How to relieve sciatica pain at home

It's the program it sent to my little brother when his sciatica flared up and I'd like to offer it to you as well. It's 5 exercise videos, a couple PDFs with directions and notes. If you've read this far its clear you are the kind of person who wants to handle things on their own terms and I agree. You can.

You can rebuild your back. We can help.

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