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How much can you improve in 90 days? Discover how this unique series of exercises can spark changes throughout your body. Begin rebuilding the foundational movements of your hip and back today!


Is your back pain not bad enough for surgery, but you know something is off. Or, maybe you stopped doing the rehab you knew you should do? Perhaps you tried a chiropractor or physical therapist and it just didn't work out. You may experience times were there is no pain at all or such a small level of pain that it doesn't really stop you, but you know it's there.


This is the program I would give my patient to work on if we had to Quarantine again. For 90 days you develop a routine of exercises that rebuild the fundamental movements of the biggest joint complex at the center of your body. Your hips.


The first 3 exercises are very easy to begin to perform, and the only real limit to acheiving benefits is the amount of time you can perform them. You can benefit from them simply by doing more repititions. The greater the reps the greater the return. The last 2 exerises will challenge the quality of your hip movements. You must work on doing these well first before adding a lot of repititions and you'll build strength in the process of building that skill. The first 3 will keep you feeling good enough to keep you motivated to work on the challenging final 2. 


These were drawn from a few of the unique exercises that went viral recently.  Ethically, the goal of the doctor is to not be needed. It's to help the patient through treatment until the patient can care for themselves and acheive independance. This product removes the doctor from the start and assumes you can care for yourself.


Everyone knows that to achieve new things we must try new things.


Start today. Send a thank you to note to your future self. 




When you purchse this you will be emailed a folder:

-In the folder you will get:

  4 pdfs



     -Tracking chart

     -Extras ("a list of questions for the curious")

  -5 exercise demonstration videos


Rebuild Your Low Back Foundations - Series 1

  • Under normal circumstances no refunds are offered on digital products. However, please reach out to us for any concerns regarding your purchase as we will always assess cases individually.  

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