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Disc Bulge, Disc Herniation, Sciatica, Chronic Low Back Pain, Annular Tears, Unstable Low Back...


This is our program for you. A four phase program that  takes you through the difficult and often confusing and frustrating process of rehabbing your bad back. The four phases are:

Desensitize: We wind down the pain and the triggers causing your inflammation.

Decompress: We attempt to take pressure and friction off the injured disc or irritated nerves.

Mobilize: We get moving quickly to prevent scarring and stiffness from setting in, as well as to promote healthy healing.

Fortify: We try to reset the low back and structures to a healthy pain free state that will be better than the state you were injured in to begin with.


This is for people with acute or chronic disc and sciatic related low back pain. It can also potentially benefit anyone with chronic low back issues. 



Rebuild Your Low Back: Disc & Sciatica

  • Under normal circumstances no refunds are offered on digital products. However, please reach out to us for any concerns regarding your purchase as we will always assess cases individually.  

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