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The aim of this program is to attack the most common causes for universal knee pain. Like every universal program ever written, this program cannot fix everyone, but it can improve almost anyone. When you improve the movement or tissue dysfunctions responsible for the majority of knee pain, you have drastically improved your odds of overcoming your painful knee(s). 


This 5 Level program allows the individual to find their own starting point and progress upwards over time.  The goal of rehabilitation is not to get the knee to become how it was before the pain. Rather, to rebuild it stronger than it was so as to prevent future knee problems. 


NO Gym Equipment Required!


What is included:

  • 5 Program Levels -  Aimed at progressing from beginner to advanced
  • 32 Videos with Instructions and Programming
  • Tracking Sheets for 12 weeks for every Level
  • A pathway towards healthier, stronger, more durable knees! 


Rebuild Your Knees: 5 Level Program

  • Under normal circumstances no refunds are offered on digital products. However, please reach out to us for any concerns regarding your purchase as we will always assess cases individually.  

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